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Oxygen is a type of liquid gas. Oxygen is used to supply oxygen to people with shortness of breath. A healthy person does not normally need oxygen in a cylinder. When the level of oxygen in one’s body drops below 95 to 98 percent. Then he has to be given oxygen as per the doctor’s advice.

Why is Oxygen Cylinder Home Delivery Needed?

Oxygen cylinder home delivery is needed to save people valuable time.I want to explain the matter with a real example.When the first outbreak of the coronavirus disrupted our public life. No one could fence the house for fear of such a time. In this case, we bought all our useful products from e-commerce companies. And we bought our medical equipment. When an oxygen cylinder for a coronary patient is purchased online. It was then brought home by a delivery man.In this case we can notice an important issue. That was the oxygen cylinder home delivery. Oxygen cylinder home delivery, Hope you understand the need for this.

What is Oxygen?

Oxygen is the most common chemical element found on earth.It is one of the main components of wind formation and is essential for the survival of all plants and animals.Scientists, after discovering chemical elements, express them with different symbols.Similarly, the symbol of oxygen is O.

Oxygen is about one-fifth of the atmosphere.Water contains nine tenths (by weight) of oxygen.It is not found directly in nature. Scientists separate oxygen from other gases in the air.

Properties of Oxygen:

  1. Atomic number 8
  2. Atomic mass 15.9994
  3. Melting point 8218.4 ° C (61361.1 ° F)
  4. Boiling point −183.0 ° C (7297.4 ° F)
  5. Density (1 ATM, 0 Degree centigrade) 1.429 G / liter
  6. Oxidation state −1, −2, +2
  7. Electron configuration  1s22s22p4

In the free state oxygen has nothing to do with color, smell or taste.It turns a pale blue liquid at temperatures below -297 ° F (-183 ° C) and solidifies at about -360 ° F (-218 ° C).Oxygen combines with many other elements to form compounds easily.The most common compound is water (H20), which consists of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom.

One form of oxygen is weight (O3) which is a pale blue gas.It is explosive and toxic.It is found in the upper atmosphere.It plays a helpful role in protecting the Earth’s atmosphere.This prevents harmful rays from the sun from reaching the earth’s surface.

Use of oxygen

Every animal needs oxygen to survive.Oxygen in the air combines with carbon and hydrogen elements in the body during respiration.Which helps to provide energy to the body of the animal.

Then with the breath comes out a compound called carbon and oxygen which we call carbon dioxide.Plants, on the other hand, absorb that carbon dioxide as part of a process called photosynthesis.During photosynthesis, plants break down carbon dioxide and convert it back into carbon and oxygen. They then use carbon and release oxygen into the air.

Doctors also provide pure oxygen to patients when they are deficient in oxygen.

What is Oxygen Cylinder Home Delivery?

*Oxygen Cylinder Home Delivery is the supply of oxygen cylinders at home.

Who gives Oxygen Cylinder Home Delivery?

*E-commerce companies in the medical sector usually offer home delivery of oxygen cylinders.

Who needs Oxygen Cylinder Home supply?

*Oxygens Cylinders Home delivery is usually needed by those who need oxygen cylinders too.

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 50 × 18 × 50 cm
Oxygen Cylinder

This product is very easy to transport and its quality is very advanced.

W:O:C 1

Nozzle canola mask.

W:O:C 2

Oxygen flow meter

W:O:C 3

Oxygen trolley.

W:O:C 4

Oxygen cylinder


1.38 cubic meters


2000 liters

Usage time

1500 minutes at minimum speed


Free home delivery in capital city.

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