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SpO2 (SpO2) The SpO2 value is an estimate of the amount of oxygen in the blood. The price of the oximeter in the database. A SpO2 value of 95% or higher is generally considered a normal oxygen level. However, a SpO2 value equal to or less than 92% (at sea level) indicates that your blood saturation is poor. Lack of satiety can cause a variety of harmful conditions, including chest pain, shortness of breath, and heart. The time unit of your heartbeat oximeter price in bd per minute. According to data from Mayo Clinic, the normal heart rate of an adult is between 60 and 100 beats per minute (bpm). Generally, a lower resting heart rate means more effective heart function and improved cardiovascular health.

In some people, a pulse rate of less than 60 beats per minute indicates an abnormally slow heart rhythm, also known as bradycardia.Bradycardia can cause many uncomfortable symptoms, including fainting, fatigue, chest pain and memory problems. With a oximeter price in bd, you can get accurate information about SpO2 and pulse rate in a few seconds. With theoximeter price in bd in the database, you can react to abnormalities quickly and confidently. As a result, many people with heart and respiratory diseases are investing in personal oximeters at home.

oximeter price in bangladesh

SpO2 and pulse rate readings outside the normal range do not always indicate a health problem. The price of the oximeter is in baud. For example, you can expect that the heart rate will increase during exercise, while the blood oxygen saturation will decrease slightly (maintain 90% or higher). Personal finger pulse oximeters Since Nonin was invented in 1995, finger pulse oximeters have expanded the possibilities of pulse oximeters to include patient monitoring at home. People with heart or respiratory diseases can rely on a personal oximeter price in bd to manage these diseases under the supervision of a doctor.

oximeter price in bd (BC) For example, people with asthma can use a personal oximeter to determine the severity of seizures and seizures. Heart rate and accurate SpO2 levels are particularly important for patients who exercise or frequently lose oxygen.For patients with COPD, asthma or other lung diseases who want to stay active, the quality of the pulse oximeter is very important. The low cost of an oximeter with reliable oximeter readings plays an important role in regulating the flow of oxygen through the patient when exercising, participating in social activities, or spending at home.

Quality monitoring equipment can also help doctors monitor the effectiveness of treatment and respond quickly when the condition worsens. The oximeter price in bd is why people all over the world use the advanced Nonin pulse oximeter for personal use. Personal pulse oximeter Nonin is famous for developing world-class pulse oximeters for doctors at the price of emergency oximeters. Our flexible monitoring equipment is designed for repeated use in the harshest environment you can imagine, making your self-monitoring work easy and reliable.

pulse oximeter price in bangladesh

Or oxygen content and heart rate at home or on the go, Nonin can provide you with options. The oximeter price in bd (in AD). Our finger pulse oximeter can be purchased with a prescription or NoninConnect 3245 can be purchased without a prescription. These portable monitors are very reliable and easy to use, even when exercising or traveling.They can provide sensitive and accurate readings under various conditions, and have the following functions: Reliable performance-NoninPureLight® sensors provide high-intensity, clear spectra, and their price is cheaper than bd oximeters, and they eliminate reading fluctuations.

Make stable measurements. Even if the patient’s perfusion is insufficient, it can provide reliable and accurate results for all types of skin pigmentation. This makes it a suitable monitoring tool for almost all patients. Unparalleled durability-can withstand repeated applications and multiple drops without compromising performance, making it one of the most robust and durable self-monitoring oximeters in the industry. Superior comparison: In a side-by-side comparison, Nonin closely tracks human blood The oximeter price in bd dropped from 98% to 74% because of glucose, while leading competitors only caught up to 95%.

The jumper JPD-500D oximeter price in bd is integrated in the SPO2 sensor and processing display module. Small size, light weight and easy to carry. Product management is simple and power consumption is low. Display, bar graph display. Low voltage display: Due to low voltage, a low voltage display will appear before abnormal operation. Auto-off function: when the device is in the measurement interface state. The number of seconds when the finger slips out of the tube.

pulse oximeter price in BD

You can accurately determine your SpO2 (blood oxygen saturation) and pulse rate within a few seconds. The only OLED pulse oximeter that can read and display SpO2, up to 100%.

  1. Sound alarm indication: Intelligent sound alarm system can monitor your SpO2 and PR status. If a non-standard value (higher or lower) is detected, an alarm will sound to inform you that you need to pay attention to your physical condition.
  2. Completely safe and hygienic-manufacture pulse oximeters used by doctors and other healthcare professionals that meet CE and FDA standards. The rubber finger pads use medical grade silicone, which will not cause discomfort and will only feel soft when connected.
  3. Easy to read: The OLED display is dimmable and provides the clearest and most intuitive result display. The waveform and histogram directly display the changes of spO2 and heart rate in real time. Choose the most comfortable angle from the four directions.
  4. The mini finger pulse oximeter is very lightweight. High-density ABS material makes it durable. Portable and practical design suitable for home care and outdoor activities. The kit also includes a lanyard, AAA batteries and a carrying case.


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