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৳ 25,500.00

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At present the price of Linde Oxygen Cylinder in Bangladesh is taka 25500.

The demand for Linde Oxygen in the Bangladeshi market is much higher now than ever before. At present, many people are confused about the purchase of Linde Oxygen Cylinder. Because many people are not aware of the price of Linde Oxygen Cylinder in Bangladesh at present. At present, it costs a total of taka 25,500 to deliver a set of Linde Oxygen Cylinders to the customer.

Many people say how it costs so much? A 1400 liter Linde Oxygen cylinder costs 16100 taka. Oxy therapy sets are then needed with a cylinder. An Oxy Therati set costs 8,970 taka. Then a face mask is needed to receive oxygen. A Face Max costs 200 taka. Then there is Nazal Canola. A nasal canola costs 100 taka. A trolley is needed to carry a cylinder. One trolley costs 1000 taka. A Linde oxygen cylinder is usually empty all the time. It costs 150 taka to refuel this empty oxygen cylinder.

In all, the price of a Linde Oxygen cylinder is a little over taka 25500 in bangladesh. However, considering the lives of the people, we have reduced the price to 25500 taka. So that a person suffering from shortness of breath can easily buy a Linde Oxygen Cylinder from any part of Bangladesh.

Why is the demand for linde oxygen cylinder high in Bangladesh?

The demand for Linde Oxygen Cylinders is higher in Bangladesh than all other medical oxygen cylinder manufacturers. If we notice one thing, we can see that the price of Linde Oxygen Cylinder is a little higher than other Oxygen in Bangladesh. Even after that there is a lot of demand for it. Because the quality of the oxygen product in Linde is very good. The oxygen cylinder in Linde never exploded (source = Linde Bangladesh). Where we have seen many companies ’oxygen cylinders explode and many patients die.

Linde Bangladesh, Oxygen cylinder in their linde provide refill facility from their own company. Percentage purity of medical oxygen which is obtained through it There are possibilities. The purity of medical oxygen is very important for a patient.

To people, life is worth more than money.At present there are a lot of adulterated oxygen in Bangladesh, where Linde Oxygen is selling high pure oxygen. Then even if its price is a little twenty, people will buy it.Because its quality is very advanced. The people of Bangladesh place more importance on quality than price.

Can the price of Linde Oxygen Cylinder be reduced in Bangladesh?

When the demand for Linde Oxygen Cylinder will come down in Bangladesh, it is expected that the price will come down.However, with the current rate of coronavirus infection increasing, the price of Linde Oxygen Cylinder is unlikely to come down in BD.

Some instructions on how to use Oxygen Cylinder.

  1. There is a risk of using medical oxygen cylinders without the supervision of a health worker. When one of you will use a medical oxygen cylinder. Then try to keep a health worker.
  2. If more oxygen is given than needed. Then there may be damage to the lungs. So give as much oxygen as you need.
  3. Oxygen is a flammable substance. And if it leaks, remove it as soon as possible. Otherwise the house may catch fire.

Now I hope you understand the price of an oxygen cylinder? Why use? What are the things to be careful in case of use? Each of the above issues needs to be known in the case of a Linda Oxygen Cylinder Buyer. If you know the above, you can buy a Linda Oxygen Cylinder. Click here to purchase Linde Oxygen Cylinder at reasonable price from anywhere in Bangladesh.

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 50 × 18 × 50 cm


Oxygen Cylinder

This product is very easy to transport and its quality is very advanced.

W:O:C 1

Nozzle canola mask.

W:O:C 2

Oxygen flow meter

W:O:C 3

Oxygen trolley.

W:O:C 4

Oxygen cylinder


1.38 cubic meters


2000 liter

Usage time

1500 minutes at minimum speed


Free home delivery in capital city.

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  1. রাবেয়া খাতুন

    আপনার পণ্যের মান খুব ভাল। আপনাদের কাছ থেকে মেডিকেল অক্সিজেন সিলিন্ডার ক্রয়করে আমার আমার জন্য খুব উপকারী হয়েছে। ধন্যবাদ এত ভালো সার্ভিস দেওয়ার জন্য।

  2. Gopal Damani

    This is a very good product.It can be used for overcoming shortness of breathe. I would say that it is a product used for medical purposes. It is for the use of patients.

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