China Oxygen Cylinder

৳ 12,500.00

  1. A customer gets a lifetime guarantee when he buys an china oxygen cylinder.
  2. Since it is produced with international quality raw material, the quality of this cylinder is of international standard.
  3. Its design craftsmanship makes this product usable anywhere.
  4. It has an alarm to warn in advance about any kind of accident.

At present, the retail price of an China oxygen cylinder in Bangladesh is only taka 12,500.

An oxygen cylinder suitable for use contains more accessories. Such as: a cylinder, a flow meter, a trolley, a nasal cannula and a medical oxygen face mask and refilled liquid oxygen.The combination of these accessories is used to determine the price of an oxygen cylinder.The price of an oxygen cylinder is determined by the price adjustment of these items.

Note: We provide all kinds of information about the product here. All information obtained from the manufacturing company.We do not produce any products. You can contact the manufacturing company to know more about the product’s information.By doing this you will be able to know about the new information of the product.

Details about china Oxygen Cylinder :

China Oxygen Cylinder is a medical oxygen and a china company manufacturing cylinders.This company has been contributing to the medical sector of china for the last one decade by producing liquid oxygen and oxygen cylinders.

This company does not sell medical oxygen cylinders directly to customers. They sell products to buyers through dealers and wholesalers and retailers.

China Oxygen Cylinder has its own Oxygen Cylinder Refill Center.Since this refuel center is very close to Dhaka, anyone can refuel his oxygen cylinder and bring it.

This is about the oxygen cylinder :

China Oxygen Cylinder is a medical product. This product is used to provide oxygen to any person with lung problems. When the level of oxygen in a person’s body drops below 90 percent.That’s when it needs to be given liquid oxygen from an external source of oxygen.

The amount of medical oxygen that Bangladesh needs every day. China oxygen cylinders supply 40 percent of this oxygen. The price of China oxygen cylinder in Bangladesh is only 12,500 taka. The production cost of China Oxygen Cylinder and its associated accessories is very low in Bangladesh.So its market value is comparatively much lower than other oxygen cylinders.

  1. A customer gets a lifetime guarantee when he buys an china oxygen cylinder.
  2. Since it is produced with international quality raw material, the quality of this cylinder is of international standard.
  3. Its design craftsmanship makes this product usable anywhere.
  4. It has an alarm to warn in advance about any kind of accident.

Several services following the purchase of oxygen cylinders :

1-Home delivery service.

When a person buys China oxygen cylinder from us. We deliver free Oxygen Cylinder Tea Home in just 60 minutes in Dhaka city.And we deliver the product through our own courier in just 12 hours across Bangladesh.
Oxygen is a very important product. Lack of oxygen can kill a person in just a few minutes.

So we realize the importance of patients’ lives and always try to make home delivery service very fast.We have 10 branch offices in Dhaka city. We use these branch offices to deliver products to our customers very quickly.As a result, home deliveries can be completed quickly.

2- Oxygen cylinder setup or installation service.

After purchasing an oxygen cylinder, it comes with a variety of accessories,such as: oxygen flowmeter, oxygen trolley, face max, nasal cannula and a cylinder.If these devices are not set up properly, a patient cannot receive liquid oxygen from an oxygen cylinder.A patient should be able to receive oxygen properly. We provide this service for free with that in mind.

3 – Oxygen cylinder refill service in Dhaka and anywhere in Bangladesh.

Our company provides oxygen cylinder refuel service on an emergency basis in just 1 hour in Dhaka. And normally provide oxygen cylinder refuel service in just 3 hours.We provide Oxygen Cylinder Refuel service in just 12 hours anywhere in Bangladesh outside Dhaka city.

Oxygen cylinder refill cost in Dhaka is only 150 to 300 taka. However, it costs taka 600 to taka 800 to refuel, including home delivery and service charges.And to refuel oxygen cylinders outside Dhaka, you have to add courier cost and service charge along with the refill cost. As a result, the total refuel cost of an oxygen cylinder outside Dhaka is taka 1,500 to taka 2,000.

Precautions to be taken while using Oxygen Cylinder :

Just as the oxygen cylinder gives us life, so the oxygen cylinder can be the cause of our death.
The main component of fire is the oxygen in the air.So all the places that have oxygen cylinders or any other supply of oxygen. Special care needs to be taken to avoid fire accidents in all those places.

This is because in places where the level of oxygen is higher than normal, the chances of a fire accident are much higher. If a fire accident occurs in an oxygen-rich environment, that accident can take a fatal shape.

There are many objects around us that do not burn as much in a normal environment. However, in an oxygen-rich environment, those objects can participate in the combustion process in a deadly way.Again there are many incidents that cannot cause fire accidents in normal environment.

However, in oxygen-rich environments, those events can cause much larger fires. These are: small sparks, smoking, extinguished cigarettes, metal-to-metal friction, the presence of any heat, etc.).A common feature of every oxygen cylinder is that it contains oxygen at very high pressures. So any kind of push can bring terrible consequences if it is physically damaged.

So we should follow the specific rules for the use, transportation and storage of oxygen cylinders.Such as:

  1. Supply and use of oxygen cylinders as advised by the physician.
  2. When using, the cylinder should be firmly fixed to the stand or cut.
  3. It should be ensured that there is no heat source near the cylinder.
  4. Aerosols, paints or the like should not be sprayed while using oxygen.
  5. Where there is an oxygen cylinder, be careful not to make even the smallest spark (electric spark, cigarette spark, metal-friction spark, any kind of welding work, etc.).
  6. Care should be taken while transporting the oxygen cylinder so as not to injure or push it in any way,Or does not roll, direct sunlight so as not to fall on the cylinder too long, etc.
  7. There is a good ventilation system – keep oxygen cylinders in such places, This is because in that case the concentration of oxygen in the air in the confined space increases and the possibility of creating an oxygen-rich environment decreases.
  8. After all, there are specific rules for using the oxygen cylinder (opening / closing the valve, controlling the regulator knob, checking the position of the handle, etc.), knowing them, being trained and then using the cylinder.

At present, the price of a China Oxygen Cylinder in Bangladesh is taka. 12,500 which is within the purchasing power of the people. So there is no reason to worry about the price.


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