SURI Electric Five Functions Bed C (Built-in Button)

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৳ 110,000.00

5Function Hospital bed price in Dhaka Bangladesh ,

Product Material.

1. Bed surface, structure and leg are all made of premium cold rolled steel with electrostatic powder coating
2. The bed surface consist of four foldable sections, stamping frame
3. Detachable HDPE bed head and foot
4. Four-section HDPE side rails operated by gas spring
5. The third side rails is made of premium quality cold rolled steel with electrostatic powder coating, which is rotated and lockable (optional parts)

five functin hospital bed price in Bangladesh
five functin hospital bed price in Bangladesh

Product Feature

1. Electric Five Functions: Backrest 0-75°, Leg rest 0-45°, Height Adjustment: 450-750mm, Trendelenburg and Revers Trendelenburg 0-±12°, Auto-contour
2. Four Jiecang motors
3. Manual dual CPR
4. Electronic dual CPR
5. Built-in control button on the side rails and bed foot
6. One-button heart chair position

7. One-button reset

8. Clear acrylic head card for patient name display,four infusion holes, four drainage hooks around the bed
9. Four 125mm diameter castors with central brake

10. Bed light

Product Accessory

 I.V pole Mattress
I.V  pole                                         Mattress

Product Optional Accessories

1. Backrest radiolucent and X-ray castte.

2. Detachable third section side rails on the bed foot(optional)

3. The antibacterial breathable plastic mattress can be completely washed, and has the function of anti-bedsore.

4. Backup battery.

Five Functions hospital bed price in Bangladesh
Five Functions hospital bed

Because of the excellent quality and service, our SURI Electric Five Functions bed are widely used in the hospital of different countries like the U.K, France, Germany, South Africa, Middle East, Chile, Japan, Australia, Korea and etc.

What is 5Function Hospital Bed?

In 5Function Hospital bed price in Dhaka Bangladesh for home hospital beds has five settings: usually head (or back), feet, height, Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg Position adjustment. The standard consumer bed is a fixed platform that runs parallel to the floor and is locked in the price of 5 functional beds in Dhaka, Bangladesh. On the other hand, adjustable beds have mechanisms that allow passengers and caregivers to change the shape, height and even angle of the bed surface.

Depends on the number and type of adjustments.5Function Hospital bed price in Dhaka Bangladesh. In the previous article, we explained how to classify the beds according to the bed settings: manual, semi-electric and all-electric. Let’s take a look at how often you see bed ads. A simple hospital bed at home can only be adjusted in one place, usually by the patient’s bed, so that the patient can sit comfortably on the bed.5Function Hospital bed price in Dhaka Bangladesh.

As the complexity of the beds increases, the price of hospital beds also rises. The number and flexibility of the beds increase, and the adjustments increase. In the end, each setting of the five-function electric adjustable bed has a specific purpose-to promote patient comfort, safety, and therapeutic effect.Supernal 5 of Transfer Master is a hospital bed with five functions and remote electronic settings. We also provide the 5Function Hospital bed price in Dhaka Bangladesh.

Hospital bed customization statement,

Why does the cost of 5 beds in Dhaka, Bangladesh need 5 beds? The beds in family hospitals are medical equipment. The more flexible the shape and position of the bed surface, the better it can treat various diseases and improve the quality of life of patients who can spend hours in bed every day. The headboard or backrest at home 5 features the price of a hospital bed in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The top of the bed can be adjusted to raise and lower the torso. Its range of motion ranges from flat to almost vertical. Sitting on a bed is an obvious use for head adjustment, but in many cases, an elevated position can improve resting and sleeping positions.

It is usually recommended that people with respiratory diseases such as COPD sleep in a prone position to reduce pressure on the lungs.Foot adjustment The foot adjustment or foot lift function can raise and lower the legs. For people with cardiovascular disease, adjusting their feet is particularly important. They usually recommend raising their legs to rest to prevent blood accumulation and swelling in the lower limbs. The so-called “high-low” setting: Set the height of the bed from the ground. Height adjustment is one of the most important safety and comfort of family hospital beds. When a healthcare professional is treating a patient, the bed can be adjusted to an ergonomic height.

People who are physically handicapped

And physically fit are dangerous to stand up or step on a bed that is too high or too low. The height adjustment allows you to move the bed to the ideal distance from the floor to easily transfer it to the floor or bed.When the disabled get on and off the wheelchair, the bed must be at the same height as the wheelchair, as described in Transferring the patient from the wheelchair to the bed in the family hospital, and vice versa. Adjust Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg Adjust Trendelenburg to tilt the surface of the bed, lower the head, raise the legs, and at the same time make the surface of the 5Function Hospital bed price in Dhaka Bangladesh Keep it flat.

This adjustment is named after

Trendelenburg’s location. In Dhaka, Bangladesh, the price of a bed in a hospital with a patient lying on his back is 15-30-5. Medical staff use Trendelenburg in many cases, especially in certain operations and patients with respiratory or circulatory diseases. ft5Function Hospital bed price in Dhaka Bangladesh. The position of the heart chair The position of the heart chair is usually related to the characteristics of the family hospital bed.

It refers to the position where the head and knees are raised to support the back, arms and legs. 5Function Hospital bed price in Dhaka Bangladesh, it benefits the lungs and blood circulation, and is widely used by heart patients. To get the position of the heart recliner, the bed must be adjusted for head, leg, knee and inclination to fit the price of a 5-function hospital bed in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The adjustable five-function family hospital bed (such as Supernal 5) can improve your comfort and treatment effect. 5The functional price of hospital beds in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Product Name

SURI Electric Five Functions Bed (Built-in Button)

Model Number





Cold Rolled Steel, HDPE



Bed Surface




Leg rest


Trendelenburg and Revers Trendelenburg


Height Adjustment


Bed Application

Hospital and Clinic


Five functions


Beige and Gray


4 Motors(Jiecang)


Remote Control


Central Brake

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