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Nursing Home Care

Nursing Home Care BD from Towards Health : Increases patient well-being.

Nursing Home Care BD is a huge benefit of residential care for the elderly, sick or disabled.This Nursing Home Care BD provides skilled nursing facilities, long term care facilities, home care for the elderly, care homes, canvalence home facilities.People who receive this service do not have to stay in hospital, However, they cannot be taken care of at home.In this service, Nurses are responsible for caring for the medical needs of patients.While performing this duty, our nurses provide efficient nursing facilities 24 hours a day.

Explore Nursing Home Care BD service plans

Day Care plan / per month 35,000/- taka.

  1. Morning physical care of the patient.
  2. Changing the patient’s diaper.
  3. Taking medicine after breakfast.
  4. Observing the physical condition of the patient.
  5. Understand the patient’s condition and provide care according to the doctor’s advice.
  6. Canola in hand and vein.
  7. Dressing
  8. Perform all useful tests. Such as diabetics, pressure measured, etc.

Night Care plan / Per month 35,000/- taka.

  1.  Checking the patient’s physical condition before going to sleep.
  2. Giving the patient a diaper setup.
  3. Taking medicine after dinner.
  4. Observe the patient’s physical condition throughout the night.
  5. Inform the attending physician and the doctor about any changes in the patient.
  6. Canola planting To be observed later.
  7. Take care of the dressing.
  8. Take care of the patient if kept with saline at night.ETC.

Day and Night Care plan/ per month 65,000/- taka.

  1.  Day and night care is planned by combining day and night care.

So if a person receives night and day nursing services then he will get all the services.

List of nursing home care BD services

1# Elderly Care

Elderly care, often referred to as seniors care.Special care that is designed to meet the needs and requirements of senior citizens at different stages. As such, care for the elderly is a rather broad term, as it ranges from supportive living and nursing care to adult day and night care, home care and Includes everything from hospice care.It is not necessary to take care of a person when he is old.With age comes a variety of diseases and physical limitations that discuss the need for care for the elderly. And then there is the need to take care.

When do the elderly need care?
Caring for the elderly is not a necessity.Some senior citizens never need any care to survive independently in the next or last years of life. Whatever it is, caring for the elderly almost always becomes a problem.When a loved one begins to experience difficulties in the work of daily life journey safely and independently.These difficulties can include dressing, taking medicine, taking care of the body, shopping, bathing, driving, etc.Nursing Home Care BD provides appropriate nursing home care services to the elderly to solve the above problems.

2 # Patient care
Patient care mainly means prevention of illness,Instructions for maintaining physical and mental well-being through services provided by medical, management and health professionals. Prevention of the patient’s illness, medical management, these are very important. With this comes the right of the patient to the patient.All of these things are needed when a patient expects better quality and effective care.And Nursing Home Care BD provides the most advanced quality and effective service in patient care.

Patient care is not just a matter of medical care. It is also a matter of the patient’s physical, mental and emotional well-being. Our nurses pay close attention to the patient while providing medical services to the patient.Patient care is the main responsibility of the Nursing Home Care BD. We always reassure the patient’s relatives that the patient is receiving potential care.Our company takes very careful care of patients anywhere in the hospital or at home. We are always satisfied and responsible for meeting the basic needs of the patient.World renowned organizations provide patient services. In line with them, we also provide high quality patient care in Bangladesh.

3# Nursing Home Care BD services for the care of patients with corona.

If there is a corona patient at home, all we have to do is take care of him and heal him. Doctors say that if the patient’s condition is not critical at home, the patient can be taken care of at home.However, due to the overflow of corona patients in the hospitals of Bangladesh, it has become difficult to receive treatment in the hospitals.At present the hospitals are so crowded with patients that patients are now treated on the hospital floor. And getting treatment in ICU has become a matter of fate.
In such cases, many patients are using the Nursing Home Care BD service to receive their treatment at home. With this service a patient can make his bedroom an ICU room.We will help him in this case.Through this service, We will ensure that a patient can get better quality treatment at home than the treatment he receives at the hospital.There are several things to keep in mind when a person is severely infected with the corona virus. This includes measuring oxygen.

If a patient has less than 90% oxygen in their blood, oxygen is given.To become health conscious and provide care.Feeding nutritious food.Moderate rest.And to provide emergency treatment in case of any difficulty.Our service provider nurses receive advanced training. And they continue to provide services to those patients through overall safety.And provides more services to patients than the above. Through which a patient will recover very quickly. Click here if you need services for Corona patients. We are ready to serve your patient 24 hours a day.

4# Palliative Care BD

Palliative care is a specialized medical service for people with a serious illness. This type of medical care focuses on relieving the symptoms and stress of the illness.The main goal of this service is to improve the quality of life for both the patient and the family. Relief care is provided by a specially trained team of physicians, nurses and other specialists. Palliative care is provided based on the patient’s needs.

This service is suitable for any age and any stage of serious illness and it is provided along with therapeutic treatment.
Anyone can avail this service through our Nursing Home Care BD service.Through whom are nursing home care bd services provided to patients?Nursing home care BD services are provided to patients through nurses. In some cases, caregivers and doctors are also used. However, 80 percent of the services are provided through nurses.

All nurses who provide services. They receive advanced training to care for the patient in home care. They provide any type of service to patients at any time,Plays a very responsible role.There are three types of nurses who provide these services to patients.

  1. BSc Nurse.
  2. Diploma Nurse.
  3. Technical nurse.

These three levels of nurses Provides different types of care to different levels of patients. Now we will talk about these three types of nurses. Who are they, what do they do and How is the quality of their service?

what is BSc Nurse ?
To become a BSc nurse, one has to complete a diploma course and do a post basic BSc in nursing course. The Post Basic BSc in Nursing course is valid for two years. There is a 6 month internship at the end of the course.If someone wants to be a BSc nurse in Bangladesh, then that person has to be a science student. And he has to pass secondary and higher secondary with biology.
BSc nurses start from providing services to patients suffering from chronic diseases. Provides services to patients at any level. The quality of their service is much better than any other nurse.However, in terms of training and age, the quality of service is sometimes comparatively less or more.

What is Diploma Nurse ?

Nursing is a noble service profession.After earning a Diploma in Nursing sciences & Midwifery Certificate in this profession, she dedicates herself to the service of the people as a professionally skilled nurse. A skilled diploma nurse provides high quality nursing home care services and works in various hospitals, clinics etc.

What is technicians nurse?

Nurse technicians Provides first aid to patients.A technician nurse usually works under a registered nurse. These nurses are also known as Nursing Attendants or Nursing Assistants. A tech nurse Provides important services to help registered nurses complete their work. To become a technical nurse All that is needed is mentioned below.

In some cases a hospital certificate may be required.Must complete some formal nursing courses.Partial completion of a nursing or medical degree.

Things to keep in mind when taking a Nursing Home Care BD service.Tell us all your needs when taking nursing home care services.

  1. How much money can you pay for your services per month?
  2. What kind of nurse do you want?
  3. What will be their skills?
  4. How is your patient? Etc.

Now the positive aspects of nursing home care are highlighted.

Assistance with Day-to-Day Living.
Healthcare Services
Social Engagement
Regular Meal Times
Housekeeping Services
Relieving the Strain on Family Members
Specialised Healthcare
Access to Resources